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What’s The Price On The Cost?

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costGrowing up I was always told there would be a cost for things I did, not just a price tag attached to something I wanted. So now, as I age I see what is behind and what might be ahead, and I wonder what price will eventually have to be paid.

In recent weeks, we have seen those in the entertainment industry bring about the death of a nurse for no other reason than they wanted to give a laugh to their listeners, at the cost of another’s embarrassment and privacy – really? How morally bankrupt this world has become when ratings become more important than what is right, private and personal.

And it doesn’t stop there, headlines on the Internet show actresses getting out of cars – minus their underwear and it is news! Really? The world in the state of crisis it is in, and yet, the news is due to a photographer able to make money from an embarrassing photo of a body part every woman on the plant has albeit most are covered up.  I am weary of keeping up with or going to the shore with nothing but foul behavior, wasted money and a Sodom and Gomorrah personification of society – and don’t get me started on little girls with tiaras and behavior that a rational woman would be shunned for! Yet the world watches, laughs and judges what they have against it all.

So what really is the price?

Well for starters, we have kids wanting to be sexy by age 5, children, women and animals have become commodities that can be killed, bullied, raped, abandoned or ignored. Men no longer have the value and moral code of ethics, which used to build walls of safety around a family, holding in the nurturing goodness given in kind by a wife and family. Actually, the only time I do see it anymore is in the families of my gay friends who treasure every second with their partner and the children they have fought society to love and raise. Maybe because it wasn’t a given for them is why they know the value, and  paid the price for the privilege.

Why are people taking up guns and killing anyone in their path? Maybe because for no other reason than they can (and this has nothing to do with gun laws – it has everything however, to do with the  value of life or the lack of it ) and in the process they will end up being a one line Twitter message, a few hours on the Internet as a headline or should they succeed, a sad page in history they will never read.  The price for an infamous 15 minutes is too high anymore for the rest of the world. There needs to be a blackout on all news of such individuals so the rest of the empty and sick minds can’t Keep Up with them!

As the daughter of a policeman I remember him saying  he never had to use his gun during his career, even though he carried it daily,  always fearing he might.  That was a price he paid to keep us and those around us safe,  respecting the fact if he ever did, the results would cost a part of his soul forever. But then again life wasn’t a reality show then it was just reality, where we showed one another compassion and courtesy.

I would like a day when Headlines were written by people who used their Heads, and were something I wanted or needed to know and not something someone accidently on purpose wanted to show. I don’t need to see overpaid celebrities waste obscene amounts of money while dropping an F-bomb along the way, so children and hurting souls will want to emulate them.  I don’t need professionals everywhere from medical to business fields selling short my privacy, rights and personal needs because they have more power than I do and they know they will get away with it. The time is long since past when we look at what we consider entertainment, acceptability and moral standards on every level of our world and say ENOUGH!

The bill is due and the price is too high for anyone to pay.  There is no value on what is important, and the result is costing more than we will admit.

As the song says this little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine – I just pray it will be seen between the spotlights, searchlights and flashing police lights.


Author: Mizlk

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