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In A Good Place


It would be awesome if we all could say that is where we were.  I know after the past few months, and indeed, the past two weeks, after losing my faithful, unconditionally loving soul mate and companion “Fritzie” I would like to say that.  I miss his little face after 16 years, but I know he is now in a good place, where it does not hurt and his body is no longer failing him. I hope that he is again the young pup, taking his place running through fields of grass, as he chases after his brothers in a loud barking delight.

Oddly though I realized one night after he died,  when I sleep my legs never go to the far left edge of the bed now – because that is “his place.”  When I caught this, I smiled and then realized, I also don’t sleep on the left side of the bed at all, even though I have the bed all to myself now. That you see, was where my husband slept.  It made me think, and I went back to coffee with my mom at her home, before she passed away.  Even though dad had been gone for over 10 years, we still referred to that one kitchen chair as ‘Dad’s place”  just like the one living room chair with the small table beside it for his coffee, and we rarely sat there. Funny, how the imprint of life really does become a part of us, even after death, divorce or time has made their change.  Life is our  journey where we can only see the “feet” before us, and not the miles ahead of us, as we continue along hoping things will turn out as we dream or pray.  These good places I believe have been given to us for comfort, like a rest stop for our soul.

Too often though we forget our place, and judge those around us who don’t seem to be in the right place,  not  living up to our expectations, or  if we disagree with their choices.  Easy to forget how those same feet could end up in our mouths, just as easily as on our path.  Who are we to judge anyone’s  unseen path, why they were placed here or their yet unfolded map of directions,  necessary  for a journey  not yet discovered?  There is a time and place for everything in life – and we will all get there,  just like the end of the road.

I like knowing  even in the silence of my house, there is an edge on my bed, and a place on the floor which will always be “Fritzie’s Place,” and a rock in my yard which will always be my daughters “Magic Dreaming Place.” Also, should I venture to a special mountain lake, my father’s “Fishing Spot” will be waiting for me as well, even after almost 50 years. These reassuring souvenirs  I have taken on my journey in this life help me through some dark places, and give me the light I need so I don’t stumble over my feet as I inch along.

Knowing your place in life is a good thing, but having a place in this life means you did it right.


Author: Mizlk

Writer, dreamer of dreams - savior of lost toys before the night gets dark. Often behind the keys of my computer, writing wrongs, which have come to mind. My site, features my three novels, Glint inThe Dark, Stiletto and Stardust. All available on Amazon

2 thoughts on “In A Good Place

  1. I too have myside of the bed. The other side remains untouched all night. As I move very little as I sleep. Ralph’s chair in the family room stays empty. His light that he used to see the print in book and newspapers remains off. As yes those were his places. I hope I have a place because right now it was by his side and the side is gone.

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