Life as it arrives and dreams as they happen

Is it a brush with destiny or a night mirror before your vanity wakes up?

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dreamsAh Perry Como… thank-you for those smooth vocals, which took us along your journey to a star.  It’s a shame that as our subconscious directs, relaxes and reminds us of what life is up to, such dreaming is underestimated and often mocked in  Walter Mitty or Timothy Leary disbelief.  Personally, I think therapists and drug companies would be out of business if we listened more, and watched the presentation in our head, which happens when our broadcast day has concluded, and before the test pattern and American flag appear.

When we let down our guard, accept our faults and open our hearts, the mind is given free rein to guide us along a path we normally refuse to see – and one I might add, many believe is predestined, the reason we are in this life in the first place.  Certainly, there are those colorful sorbet colored palate cleansers, which appear with impossible scenarios, laughable characterizations and haunting fear.  However, even those that have grains of truth if we honestly look at them, once we have rejoined our reality already in progress.

Dreams have always been a source of fascination, with biblical to entertainment value, and those closest to Mother Earth, maintain their value as a vision quest, releasing fear in order to see destiny.  That being said, the majority of the population still only accepts reality after a solid night sleep, often aided by a pharmaceutical tablet or alcohol induced invitation. I might be the minority, but I welcome the nightly presentation of drama, comedy and Technicolor delight, when I am released from the moment and allowed to see the possible and not the improbable.

Mr. Wonka shared Arthur O’Shaughnessy’s ode that “We are the music makers … the dreamers of dreams,” and it couldn’t be truer, even if his version was presented in a yummy chocolate coating.  Listening to voices in our head – not those that appear on the nightly news, but those guiding us, is usually considered to be a subconscious direction, spiritual belief or gut instinct, depending who you are, even if they  don’t get equal time to share the platform staging the events in our life.  Sad really, since they usually hint at possible solutions, even attempting to prepare us for a less than positive outcome if we don’t listen.

My granddaughter recently slept over, and when I woke up she was already awake, smiling at me with sleep still in her eyes.  Laughing, she tickled me with her fingers and said, “Grandma, you are so silly…making all those cookies outside for the squirrels.”  I knew she had been dreaming and smiled, telling her that the squirrels loved my cookies!

Later, watching her play in a room transformed from the bedroom her mom had once slept in, to her playroom bursting at the seams with toys and color, I put her dream together.  Yes, I do feed squirrels, they come to the porch and sometimes we sit and watch them, sharing life’s little wild kingdom with innocent furry tails and whiskers.  I also bake all the time, filling the house with the smells and delights that her little fingers sometimes help bring into existence.  Waking up next to me, she had been secure and loved, and her dreams confirmed that to her, along with what existed in her heart, helped by visuals of sprinkles, sugar and squirrels. Her little world was in order.

Turning off the volume of life and listening to your heart and soul should be a daily requirement, as important as air and food.  If we’d only listen more to our personal quiet, seeing the messages left behind, we would react less and respond more, both to our own actions and those around us.  No one wants to see a drama unfold they have had a hand in, but silently sitting back and accepting our part in it could make all the difference.  That little voice we ignore during the day is the same one that valiantly tries to be heard in our dreams, often going to extremes forcing us to stop and analyze before getting the message.

Next time you question why you have more night mirrors than brushes with fantasy, see them as a reflection from your heart and soul, trying to reach the vanity of your existence, hoping to change an outcome before it happens.  You might be surprised how fast the squirrels return, after you listen to what has been crumbling around you, and how long they stay after you become thankful and happy for what you have around you each day, making it better as you go along.


Author: Mizlk

Writer, dreamer of dreams - savior of lost toys before the night gets dark. Often behind the keys of my computer, writing wrongs, which have come to mind. My site, features my three novels, Glint inThe Dark, Stiletto and Stardust. All available on Amazon

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