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Holidays are upon us, and of course that means televised specials, too much eating and shopping, and of course…bringing out all your values affirming yourself for the coming year.  Never was this more evident than after the recent Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, an event known for years because of hot air balloons and celebrities. Marching down the streets of New York last week were bands and floats, beautiful people, stars and commentary.  Oh did I forget to mention some boots were also doing the walking?

Kinky Boots is a delightful journey into the working mind and loving heart of the human soul. Taken from real events, it has received awards and acclaim, as well and just making us feel good about ourselves!  This Lola isn’t a showgirl at the Copa…but she is nevertheless a showman of intense talent and delight. So why in the world are people up in arms over these boots?  Simple…hot air needed a place to float away.

Headlines screamed that Kinky Boots spoiled the Macy’s Parade, saying once again there was a Gay agenda tossed into our homes.  Pity the fools.  Several said they had to explain why men were dancing in thigh high boots, laughing and celebrating a Broadway production to confused children.  Are these the same children who watch super heroes in tights – nipples actually, if the new Batman suit has anything to say about it and don’t get me started on video games?    The only thing spoiled, appears to be the truth that lies hidden trying to live in some homes, the ones that don’t promote equality, compassion, and common decency … ok class too, but heck, not everyone likes theater.

When a child is raised they are a gorgeous angelic canvas, which we are able to paint with emotions and thoughts, dreams and fantasy and love.  Yes, at some point every child questions a wheel chair or skin color, glasses or obvious disability.  They also might question why parents have split up or why a pet is humping their leg – indeed, we are the knowledge bank they come to for a withdrawal and in turn, their innocence is the deposit we cherish.    I guess however, that is only in a perfect world anymore, because somewhere out there it appears children have been damaged for life, after seeing a man dancing in boots (and it wasn’t Captain Jack Sparrow).

I never heard or used the “N” word in my home.  As I grew up, it was however, reflected in school books, and I found it ridiculous and not worth my time. My parents confirmed as much, with the open minds and front door they provided.  So unless there is an issue in your values, living between the cracks where other disturbing things might grow – why would something like that offend you?

Does your child also need to have explained why movie stars kiss and are married to other people? Why giant football players don’t really come into your house, only during cable TV commercials and animals can’t talk no matter how much you want them too…just in film.  As long as you are being selective in the lies or unmentioned truths you live with, explain how not everyone goes to sleep at night in a warm bed, Santa is not real, the tooth fairy is …. Oh hell, don’t go even there …. And, of course loving a person for who they are to you, isn’t as important as what they can do FOR you … right?

I loved Batman as a kid, but I knew he wasn’t going to sweep me off my feet in those gray tights, Capt’n Kangaroo didn’t have a real ship, Cindy in my Kindergarten class was special and rode a bus home, and I always felt bad when kids teased her, and I hated how people assumed because I wore glasses and didn’t do drugs I wasn’t any fun.  However, I grew up with the values I treasured and raised my own family, collecting friends along the way that have made me who I am.

Life is our own personal journey and hard enough as it is… so don’t share your lies and warped beliefs with innocent minds – the same ones I might add, who would love to try on such boots and dance around laughing.  Let them decide for themselves, in a waiting world of more colorful floats and marching bands than they can imagine…. But let them…because imagination should never lie down and die.

On a side note – the playbill for Kinky Boots offers a remarkable section for teachers, with historical information, facts and wonderful thought provoking answers, should a legitimate question ever come up.  I don’t remember seeing something like that here in Colorado, after someone obsessed with super hero villains shot up a movie theater and caused a nightmare that will never be explained.


Author: Mizlk

Writer, dreamer of dreams - savior of lost toys before the night gets dark. Often behind the keys of my computer, writing wrongs, which have come to mind. My site, features my three novels, Glint inThe Dark, Stiletto and Stardust. All available on Amazon

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