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The 8th Deadly Sin is RUDE!

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LEAN-MEANLife needs a rewrite, a mulligan or heck just a verbal what were you thinking once in a while, and the time has  come  biblically speaking for a big one. Yes, those original seven deadly sins were chart toppers, however in this day and age the addition of Rude for self-serving attitudes needs to be added to the list.

Growing up  in our home there was  no need for paddles, belts or social services – we had respect.  One look from my father was enough to know I crossed a line, crossed his brow and crossed my heart it would never happen again. Love and respect went hand in hand in those days, which was also why your hands didn’t have time to create something in the devil’s workshop. Therefore,  it should make sense with all the advancements in our world, that  we’d be even more respectful of people and accomplishments.  However, that’s not the case.

During the time I cared for my elderly parents, I was horrified at some of the condescending behavior from business and medical professionals, as well as a general lack of compassion and understanding. This dark circle of interaction the world has settled for needs to be put out of action before everyone forgets common decency! Don’t get me wrong though, we did have some excellent care along the way I’ll never forget.  However instead of being a sea of faces, there were only a few shipwrecked ones mercifully floating to see if they could help.  Insert note –  it isn’t just those providing care with issues, there is an evolution of nasty in those needing and receiving care, which has brought us all to the infected side of human nature.

Professionals who are primarily  geared to help, offering service and aid are there by choice. No one is born with a law journal, blood pressure cuff or badge in their hand. They recognize in themselves a need to serve, no different than a religious calling.  They put those they encounter first, ahead of their own needs, opinions or beliefs. So why is it that the average person feels they have the right to denigrate, humiliate, harass or just under appreciate these people? Have they not realized  the circle eventually will become unbroken, and as my father used to say it will come back and bite them?

It is said a dog can only be beaten so long before finally turning on the hand that feeds it, and the same can be said for those who willing offer us compassion or aid. How can we expect to be taken seriously and given the best someone has to offer,  if we continue to see them as  mere recipients of our impatience and hostility because they can’t do enough to make us happy?

Thank you and a warm smile cost nothing to give, and understanding and compassion don’t need a coupon. However, they are becoming harder and harder to find, making them priceless in their value. When my daughters went into the working world, I told them  work as a cashier or a telephone receptionist at least once. Jobs at the bottom of the salary food chain that interact anonymously everyday with an uncaring public will give the insight of a lifetime.

When we don’t see the face we are talking to it’s to make them the brunt of our rage – now it is cyber attacks and troll behavior, worse than just raising a voice in anger. Simply said, it’s easy to blame the cashier for a wrong price or defective item, especially when you can’t yell at the company president. Likewise, there is no Miss Manners when our credit card is declined and of course we have to blame someone. Obviously no one has realized why harassment cases and assault charges were almost non-existent years ago. Maybe it was because we were patient, understanding and appreciative.

The next time you take a call, accept a receipt or leave behind your used paper gown in an exam room, smile and thank the person who was there for you. Maybe the news you got or the price you paid wasn’t what you wanted, but it wasn’t because of something they personally did, they were only there for YOU and the process. Think how they will leave you, moving on to another face, another place, another space and how the seed of your gratitude and understanding might just bloom for someone else.

Yes, there is a golden rule, which those deadly sins measure up to eventually, and the funny part is if we just took a few minutes and followed it so much could be straightened out, and there wouldn’t be an edge for anyone to stand on.


Author: Mizlk

Writer, dreamer of dreams - savior of lost toys before the night gets dark. Often behind the keys of my computer, writing wrongs, which have come to mind. My site, features my three novels, Glint inThe Dark, Stiletto and Stardust. All available on Amazon

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