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Don’t they love their children too? It was a question raised in a popular song years ago referencing Russians and the fear of nuclear war. At the time, that was our biggest fear and Sting sang it without The Police  in a world where  the police only feared terror and not terrorists.

The question however goes beyond life and death, resonating  daily in life with women who  have successfully climbed the corporate ladder, able to make everyone’s life their business. Indeed, we no longer fear Russians as we once did; instead, it is  rush hour with a whole new clipboard of politics. Don’t get me wrong though, very few come out alive in this scenario either so I have to ask the same question, don’t they love their children?

Mothers are the first line of defense for infants they bring into this world, and their actions and emotions immediately form the future, past a few rhyming cartoons and stuffed animals. Life is a jungle and mothers have an inside track, showing children how to survive the rat race while being the best or worst they eventually will be. There’s no police academy on earth teaching these self defenses, common sense and survival techniques, even though they will eventually be responsible for the end result of said training.

As a young girl, I always imagined my father – who by the way really was the police, standing behind me when I went through my day. The question was, would he approve of my actions, being proud and understanding my motives or would he be ashamed. That was my learning curve into adulthood and later as a mother, it was my daughters who stood in his place. People don’t change it is a fact. However, situations do and the way in which we accept, acclimate, understand and react comes from who we are, and that is when I  ask again, don’t they love their children too?

Men are every bit as responsible for their actions against one another, but mothers are a special category with more impact on society then they will admit. I often wonder if they would act as they do against their own kind, as well as others, if their children were standing behind them watching and learning. A sharp tongue has replaced the sharp stilettos that originally fought the glass ceiling, but their  impact didn’t leave, it is still every bit as deadly – usually between the same unsuspecting shoulder blades.

The way society is viewed and accepted comes from the mouths and actions of parents, so I find it hard to believe they are left at the office at night. Face it – between cell phone, tablet and computer nothing is ever left at an office anymore. People are who they are same heart, values, thoughts and needs. However, when they become an employee  all that is up for grabs and a veil of political supremacy slides into place making them less human,  readily available for treatment a child would be punished for exhibiting.

I wonder if these mothers also ignore their children when they don’t agree with them, mentally accuse them of things or place them in unacceptable categories just because they can? Do they refuse to see  ideas as valuable or workable afraid of not getting a personal perk? Do they treat them as less than they are because of jealousy or  frustration? I hope not, although the way society is going it is up for debate. Nevertheless, that is how they treat those around them, never once wondering if they would like their children treated this way as adults in the business world someday. These mothers that have the ability to nurture and leave an example  have chosen to take their power on a very different trip, where I hope children are not riding shotgun.

How different this world would be if we treated each other not just as we wish we were treated, but as if our children were watching, learning from our actions – in a positive way. Politics, jealousy and security have become the actual weapons of world domination, which blow up in our face more than any bomb, leaving far too many injured innocents in its wake. I can only image how life could be if we worked towards the same goal, helping one another, celebrating the differences we each bring. Indeed, imagine combining our abilities and strengths in a positive environment  ending the day feeling good about ourselves, ready to do it again the next day only better. Isn’t that after all what we tell our children to do?

Maybe I’m wrong and it is acceptable now not to care about those we work or live with, only wanting to make ourselves look good at the cost of others. Obviously  these values are being taught to  children, which whether we realize it or not they eventually  show through as acceptable behavior in our actions. It makes me sad to consider such an option, but seeing the world so uncaring in an uncommitted arena of violence I can’t help but wonder – Why don’t we  love the children?

My mother taught me to leave somewhere or someone better than when I arrived, and looking over my shoulder I always knew my father approved of my actions.  I  know my children smile thinking about me and  things I have said and done, along with accomplishments  in my life. However it is more important  they remember examples I gave them  treating people that crossed into my life, whether I was the boss, their co-worker, a family member or friend because  that is why we are in this life – for one another.

After all, I do love my children.


Author: Mizlk

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