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Snow really, I mean it

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There are so many visuals when you see that word.  Dandruff, non identical flakes, cold weather, bad television reception, drugs and a virginal young miss not wanting her heart to be cut out. Today, I had the weather variety, but had to face a dog refusing to be drug outside, who later gave me a nasty reception.  I guess being a flake and having my heart cut out, or a bad hair day weren’t on the white horizon.

Aside from the cold, dangerous road conditions, and other inconveniences in this overly modern world we live in, I have to say it was peaceful.  From early morning when I got up, the silence from lack of activity was wonderful, stunning, in an untouched landscape of sparking white, zeroing out all conflicting color, and activity.  Having a day when I knew no one would be knocking at my door, was self reflecting and rejuvenating in a way.  Indeed a snow day does have its privileges and I love when the time and space continuum calls them.

As a kid I had one of those great plastic magic slates where after drawing, everything disappeared with the flip of a page.  I think that was really the beginning, for our understanding  the need as an adult, for an occasional clean slate and later a snow day.  God bless them both.

There is nothing wrong with taking a deep breath as an adult and realizing the need for flipping up the page and starting over.  I think more of us need to do it, and stay in touch with who we are, and not who people want us to be or who they think we are.

I know tomorrow will bring rays of sunshine, melting ice, traffic, people in a hurry to reestablish routines and dogs who will welcome going outside again.  My wish is  this brief interlude will make us a little better for it all, and in a fairy tale of hope, we will have hearts beating a little more for those we meet up with, a crisp and untouched clarity for what we want to do, which will only enhance the reception we receive, that is if we don’t flake out – because when it is all said and done, no drug in the world can do better.

Author: Mizlk

Writer, dreamer of dreams - savior of lost toys before the night gets dark. I can be found behind the keys of my computer writing wrongs, which have come to mind. My latest book Stiletto is now on Amazon!

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