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I’m not in the closet with my football and tiara- so deal with it!


We are in this life together folksWhy is it so hard to understand that?  Needing instead to face a daily battle of  jumping  on the top of others to win.   Really, it gets old, especially as I get older.

Anyone who is a parent or raises a child, can immediately understand what I am saying.  They can also understand that to honestly love a child, it must be done with not just open eyes, to keep them from running with scissors (save that for adulthood hidden agenda’s), but with an open heart as well.  Children come into this life with no choice in accepting what they are presented with – why then, do the adults around them get a choice?  By that I mean, why do they get to be different (and it is okay), and at the same time condemn their children for the same thing?  Talk about a do what I say and not what I do moment!

I was born in an Open House – My father was born in 1908,  and he raised me with  his  open heart, open hand, open mind and most of all with an open door.  Growing up the only difference I ever knew in those around me, was what they presented.  My father simplified it with “Pretty is as Pretty Does” – basically stated:  Judge a man by his actions to know who he is inside.  Damn my father rocked.

As the years and generations have continued since his turn of a century wisdom, which I practice and passed along to my daughters, there is an addendum that needs to be attached.  “Yup, It’s really in my DNA.”  That comes with the benefits of living this long, and seeing medical science claim to know everything (even if it is only when it is  politically correct sadly).

Like my father, I was gifted with only daughters in this life.  I was able to delight and grow in the differences within them,  as they matured into adults.  However, I had no real baseline  in which to see them as anything but sugar and spice and sometimes nice.  As a grandmother now of both a boy and a girl, I now can truly say I have seen life from the other side, from day one, with eyes wide open – nothing really surprising for me, just a nice confirmation.

We all have a purpose in this life, and the least of it should never be to bring pain or harm to another, as they continue on their own purpose, in a world where we want as many choices for ourselves as possible (as long as they refer to anything but gender and sexuality that is).  By that I mean, go to Starbucks and get your triple caramel, one shot, chocolate, half caf, soy latte with a touch of cinnamon on the whipped cream chocolate curled topping,  but don’t ever let your son have a doll, even if you say it is a damn action figure!  Please!

My youngest daughter delights me.  She of all my children was her own drummer from birth, who listened to life.  To this day in all her beauty accented with love, meditation, tattoos and bottle blonde hair, she remains the same if not better.  The only difference now,  is she has a little girl who at 20 months is channeling Marilyn Monroe, as a diva in training and cracking everyone up – you see she already has more (pretend) make-up, jewelry and boa’s than her mother could have ever thought or dreaded.  There is no role model in her home for it, it was never anticipated, but oh how it is enjoyed and entertained.  This loving, laughing and happy little girl is who she is, plain and simple, and I thank God she was born where she was and to the parents she has.

In the era these small children will grow and call their generation, maybe they will be the ones who can stop the ignorance of bigotry, harassment and bullies, which offer action and opinion more often than not, because they themselves refuse to accept their own issues.  The world is not our oyster with the one perfect pearl, it is an ocean that needs to flow freely, with tide pools of discovery, and not tidal waves of adversity that kill off everything in their wake

Today, my grand daughter took her purse of assorted cosmetic tricks and treated the Buddha in her living room, to the full Merle Norman (nothing to do with the Full Monty, but just as open).  I think her photo should be the wallpaper and screensaver on all every computer in the world, because wisdom isn’t from the Mouths of Babes – it is through the Actions  of Innocence,  before life has corrupted it to their standards.

Without a word, in the silent knowledge still fresh from God, this little girl spoke so loudly:

“Accept who I am and find the Wisdom in your spirituality.”


Author: Mizlk

Writer, dreamer of dreams - savior of lost toys before the night gets dark. Often behind the keys of my computer, writing wrongs, which have come to mind. My site, features my three novels, Glint inThe Dark, Stiletto and Stardust. All available on Amazon

2 thoughts on “I’m not in the closet with my football and tiara- so deal with it!

  1. One word. Perfect.

  2. That was me by the way.. 🙂

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