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A case of two mothers


A case of two mothers

Last night two mothers did something very different, in cities hundreds of miles away and never meeting once. They both went to sleep with their little girls at peace in heaven.  One was a cold case, which after 18 years had been solved with the magical genetic matching of DNA.  The other, was a warm case, after two years in battle with the devastating genetic monster of cancer.  One little girl died cold and alone at age 5, the other died warm and loved, surrounded by her family and 25,000 unknown facebook friends just short of her 9th birthday.

When Alie was kidnapped in Colorado 18 years ago, everyone looked for a suspect, prayed and when her body was discovered we all cried.  The act was that of a coward, but Ali became a hero.  Her foundation provides bloodhounds, like the one who found her lifeless body to police departments in need.  In her own way Alie has been saving children for the past 18 years, hoping that her own killer might someday be found and through DNA he was – dead since 2001.  She was finally at peace on September 12,, 2011, and along with her parents and grandparents, the nightmare was over.

Faith’s body was kidnapped in Oregon, the coward was worse; as it allowed her to live each day with hope just out of her reach.  Cancer took the innocence from this beautiful child and gave her pain and suffering.  But Faith was a Warrior and she held on to hope.  Reaching out through facebook, the media and her community, Faith took charge of her life at 8 years old and gave a face to her cancer and to other children dying in the shadows.  She finally gave in and left “the real world” as she called it on September 12, 2011 and along with her family and all who loved her, the nightmare was over.

So just what are little girls made of that makes them so special?  Is it sugar and spice and everything nice?  As the mother of 3 of them and a grandma to a very delightful one I can tell you that yes those ingredients are there.  There is also a touch of spunk (sorry Mr. Grant I know you hate spunk) a magic whimsy of imagination and enough determination to take on the world if given the chance.  Thank God Alie and Faith got the chance – even though it cost them dearly.

Today, the world woke up much the same as it always does bills to pay and things to see and do.  However, the spirit of two little girls shines brighter than ever, as they look down on the world they once walked.  The genetic magic of our science has been uplifted to find chromosomes that don’t work, in strands of DNA that are now visible, but yet just out of our grasp.  Today, maybe some of the strength from a little girls soul will made a difference on how we hold on.

Be their hero today, support medical research, even if it is just a dollar and maybe another child will have the Tuesday morning Faith never did.  She lived her last days hoping a cure would be found – can you go without a cup of coffee or a donut and do the same?  Support missing children in the same way – Alie was found by a bloodhound that tracked her unstopping, his paws bleeding as he walked from the city into the foothills.  He never gave up.  Don’t give up on these faceless children because yours are safe at home.  There is another girl who was missing for 18 years, and she came home.  Isn’t that right Jaycee?

We are all the same on the inside as we walk this life, regardless of what is on the outside.  We have the same heart and soul, genetic material, blood and tears.  So today, reach out because you don’t have to, because today your life and your home is all in order and your daughters will be waking up on Wednesday morning, looking forward to the day they turn 18 and can change the world.

Change the world for them right now.  Find a dollar, say a prayer and make your faith as strong as God’s pinkest warrior.


Author: Mizlk

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2 thoughts on “A case of two mothers

  1. This was done beautifully

  2. Heartfelt post, thank you for writing this, words have escaped me…

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