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I loved  “Let’s Make a Deal.”  Carol would walk past the Monet mystery curtain, smiling, so unaffected and as normal as a next door neighbor.  What was waiting?  Was it a Zonk or a life changing treasure?  Monty walked the crop  rows of costumed people offering cash for impossible items in a woman’s purse.  Okay, I have to admit this developed into a disorder for me as an adult – I have that purse.

Never wanting to be unprepared for life, my purse contents grew and grew.  When I was first married, my husband, a police officer would toss in keys, hand cuffs, wallet and on occasion his off duty gun if we were somewhere with the kids.  I used to have this warped fantasy of him needed to defend us and reaching in grabbing an unloaded tampon in the heat of the moment.  Regardless I was prepared!

As my daughters grew, so did my purse, a Felix the Cat journey to the unknown.  Wooden spoons for discipline, snacks, tiny toys and books, radio, mini TV and later make-up, shampoo, hairspray, nylons –   Anything that could save the moment.  On occasions away from home, I realized I could live just fine with everything stashed in the pockets, boxes and bags that were inside and often did.

There have been humorous moments, like post 911 airport security, when I turned over 3 pair of small scissors, forgetting the 16” razor sharp shears in the bottom (my husband was in tears laughing at the search from a distance).  There was also the time I needed to explain why a woman of forty needed a folding saw and ax – easy I explained, “Things happen.”  Dexter would have understood and I have really used them in merit badge capacity, so there.

Now that I am a grandma, the need for practicality (and wheels) in my purse is a reality. I do have little toys I secretly leave on the tables of good children in restaurants; drink mix packets and tea bags to change water to beverage and save a little money now and then and my tools of course, basic rule of life, “Never trust a woman without a tool box.”  The makeup and vanity items are down to lipstick, black pencil and foundation and some hairspray, and  the medical cabinet aspect has increased, as things continue to fail now that the need to keep them decorated is fading.

However, my purses aside, I also carry a smart phone.  Monty Hall has seen his $100 bill offer develop into something he could never have remotely imagined.  All my life I was prepared for what might happen, but now with my mighty little 9oz phone I know why and when things do happen.  Smart phones have added the cherry on  top of the physical and emotional baggage in my life.  In a few short minutes, I can jump onto a browser and find out enough current news, history, philosophy, comedy, literature and personal opinion that would have once filled a first semester of college 30 years ago!  I can also send the electronic equivalent of several letters and a few “walkie-talkie” texts, keeping in contact with family, friends and people who know me just as a screen name.

We have reached a level of human ability and knowledge not even considered in those late night televised Twilight Zone episodes, that faded into the American Flag signing off the broadcasting day with a test pattern (remember it would ruin your eyes if you watched it disappear into the pin point of light it did, when the air waves went silent.)  In fact 12 years ago when my daughter would wake me up with call at 2am from a bar, because she needed a trivia answer (did I mention my brain is over stuffed as well, with that I might need it someday information?) I thought just her having a cell phone ready and not needing to carry the dime in her wallet as I did, was a marvel in itself – who knew?

So to see people who are “bored” and “uninspired” I want to scream – and yes the full Edvard Munch vision , which you can grab your phone and find at:  There is no excuse, no reason and no rational explanation to be unprepared for life or not to have one.  Carry your life in a bag if you want like I do for creature comfort, but don’t ever take lightly that you carry the wisdom of the world with just a click of a button and can change your life, destiny and the moment with just one search.

Yup, you got it right there – just remember to use it!


Author: Mizlk

Writer, dreamer of dreams - savior of lost toys before the night gets dark. Often behind the keys of my computer, writing wrongs, which have come to mind. My site, features my three novels, Glint inThe Dark, Stiletto and Stardust. All available on Amazon

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